About Us

About us

RED 7 Consulting Services, LLC is a consulting firm that embodies the belief of serving toward success. Our mission is to provide a complete array of professional and support services to companies in all stages of development. From the fledgling idea, to the time-proven enterprise, RED 7’s services are designed to take your business to the next level and reach strategic goals. Berkina Porter, MBA, DBA (abd) is the founder of RED 7 and is accompanied by a wealth of knowledge from her diverse experiences. Having held the titles of Chief Contracting Officer (CoCO), Professor, and even Real Estate Agent, in addition to holding many certifications, Ms. Porter masterfully uses her unique combination of experiences to enrich every client the company serves. RED 7 Consulting Services, LLC is the product of a commitment to creating excellence in entrepreneurship, and creating an environment “…where it’s more about service.”

RED 7 leverages staff and Independent Consultants (ICs) with decades of experience in the contracting industry, business education, and ministry support services, among other arenas. Our staff and IC’s are continuously recognized for the certifications, licensure, and distinguished experience each individual brings from their respective specialties. This means that our clients can expect professional and qualified individuals who have insightful, direct experience in and around the areas that clients need assistance. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to bring added value to any government organization through contracting, to any business entity through coaching, or any church ministry/ non-profit group through development and planning. We also employ strategic partnerships and alliances to ensure an abundance of contract offerings and additional services for our clients, including education and training. Service and Excellence guide every RED 7 interaction!

Our Skills

Small Business Development 95%
Government Contracts 80%
Business Plan 85%
Non-profit Organization 100%
State Registration 100%

Our Goal For Our People

We Strive To....

  • Support
  • Aid
  • Shape
  • Build
  • Excite
  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Embolden

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